DVD Review: Albert Collins & The Icebreakers Live At Rockpalast, Dortmund 1980

The Iceman turns in a lukewarm performance.

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Albert Collins sure knew how to milk an entrance. Following the compere’s intro, the Texan leaves the Dortmund crowd in the pitch black for minutes on end, and when the Icebreakers do kick into Sweet Home Chicago, he’s nowhere to be seen.

Worse, when Collins deigns to appear for third track Listen Here!, his opening chords sound artless and out of tune. There are moments when the Master of the Telecaster tag applies, like a sweet rendition of Cold Cold Feeling, but many tracks feel off the pace, while the visuals aren’t helped by Rockpalast’s naff aesthetic (what did you expect from an 80s German TV show?) It’s a patchy showcase for Collins’ brilliance.