Drive, She Said: Pedal To The Metal

Disappointing, he said.

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Drive, She Said were tipped for stardom in the 1980s. But despite tapping the talents of Benny Mardones, Aldo Nova, Fiona Flanagan, Bob Kulick, Kenny Aronoff and future Saraya man Tony Bruno, boardroom changes condemned the duo’s glittering self-titled debut to the folder marked ‘cult classic’.

Since then, activity has been sporadic and results inconsistent, but with keyboard player Mark Mangold rediscovering his mojo at Firefest in 2014, here’s album number five.

Alas its haphazard mix of finely polished pomp-rock gems (Pedal To The Metal, Love Will Win In The End), replica Stones (Said It All) and budget store counterfeits (the ghastly I’m The Nyte, Lost In You) suggests that DSS are unlikely to re-scale the heights of their debut.