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Down ‘N’ Outz - The Further Live Adventures Of… album review

Joe Elliott takes his Mott homage out onto the stage

Cover art for Down ‘N’ Outz - The Further Live Adventures Of… album

In his own words, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott was “dying of pneumonia” when the Down ‘N’ Outz, his ‘other’ band, rolled into Sheffield to play a gig there in 2014. Consequently, some patchwork was necessary in the making of this audio-visual package. Although the DVD comes from that show, much of its two-CD counterpart was recorded at other venues on the same tour.

But, frankly, that doesn’t matter a damn. As Elliott and his Quireboys/Vixen-lent cohorts barrel through a set of songs by Mott The Hoople and associated offshoots (British Lions, Mott and of course Ian Hunter) the good-time vibe is paramount. One More Chance To Run, Shouting And Pointing and Overnight Angels should be far better known, and by the end of the gig everyone in the joint is dancing on the tables to England Rocks and Good Times.