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Do Last In Line emerge from the shadow of Dio on their second album?

Ex Dio-ites Last In Line find their own style on II

Last In Line - II
Last In Line - II

1. Intro
2. Black Out The Sun
3. Landslide
4. Gods And Tyrants
5. Year Of The Gun
6. Give Up The Ghost
7. The Unknown
8. Sword From The Stone
9. Electrified
10. Love And War
11. False Flag
12. The Light

When Last In Line started in 2012, it was put together by original Dio members to play songs from that band’s early albums. 

By 2016’s Heavy Crown, LIN were doing their own material. But with II, they’ve truly got their range and momentum. 

Led by guitarist Vivian Campbell, Last In Line deliver songs which have British hard rock grit and an American sophistication. 

Drawing comparisons with ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith and Saxon, the performances shine through on multi-faceted tracks such as Year Of The Gun, The Light and Give Up The Ghost

Vocalist Andrew Freeman proves himself to have passion and command, and new bassist Phil Soussan gives the music rhythmic flexibility. Overall, II showcases a band thrusting forward.