Dirty Guv’nahs: Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies

Tennessee finds itself responsible for terrible things.

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When the opening track on your latest album sounds like a hellish cocktail of Michael Bolton’s greatest groin strains and MMMBop by Hanson, as Can You Feel It by The Dirty Guv’nahs does, two things are certain.

First, anyone with access to a cotton bud will flee for the hills if they’ve got any sense. And second, you’ll probably get a Budweiser commercial out of it (piss weak music sells piss weak beer, after all), and more than likely a Kid Rock support slot too. The worst thing is, for all the nauseating country rock-lite choruses, this is agonisingly catchy.

They’re clearly skilled songwriters, with Honey You setting up camp and claiming squatters’ rights like the most persistent of intestinal parasites. It’s just a shame they’ve chosen to use their powers for evil rather than good.