Dirtbag Republic: Dirtbag Republic

Ex-Pretty Boy Floyd sleaze veterans deliver the goods.

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In 30-odd years in this business, Sandy Hazard and Mick Wood have clearly learned something. After touching on glam metal, grunge and comedy punk-pop in their careers with Pretty Boy Floyd (original Canadian version, not LA goofballs), Grandma Moses and McRackins, this new act sounds like they’ve come home to their first love – grime-stained, high-octane, three-minute rock’n’roll songs.

Sure, there’s a strong whiff of Wildhearts and Backyard Babies in their musical template, but originality has never been an issue with this kind of unpretentious, meat-and-potatoes rock. It either works or it doesn’t, and that’s always down to the strength of the songs and the power of the delivery. Thankfully, that’s all there on the likes of Sky Is Falling and Socialize.

Without the charisma and youth of the above-mentioned bands, they’re probably not destined for a late stab at stardom, but for sleaze addicts, this is a dose of the hard stuff.