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Diamond Head’s Lightning To The Nations 2020: Metallica’s favourite band revisit the past

Cult NWOBHM heroes Diamond Head re-record classic Lars Ulrich-approved debut album

Diamond Head - Lightning To The Nations
(Image: © Silver Lining)

You simply cannot argue with the seminal power of Diamond Head’s 1980 debut album. Some diehard fans may recoil from a complete re-recording of the whole thing, but these songs are so timeless, anthemic and integral to the evolution of heavy metal that guitarist/founder Brian Tatler would have had to work very hard to screw it up. In the end, Lightning To The Nations 2020 is a joy. Sonically thunderous and played with palpable vim and vigour, it’s never going to usurp the original, but it’s thrilling to hear the likes of Am I Evil? and The Prince sound so huge and contemporary. Four bonus covers, including a spine-rattling version of Metallica’s No Remorse, complete a thoroughly worthwhile plundering of the past.