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Devil City Angels: Devil City Angels

Not particularly devilish hard-rock supergroup.

Another month, another supergroup. Featuring Tracii Guns (LA Guns), Rikki Rockett (Poison), Eric Brittingham (Cinderella) – now replaced by Rudy Sarzo – and the youthful (less super) vocalist Brandon Gibbs (Cheap Thrill), DCA are less sleazy and more bluesy than expected.

Peaking early with the swift one-two of All My People and Boneyard, DCA’s strengths lie in delivering their grooves with a vintage Aerosmith-esque humping swagger, which is no bad thing.

For more cocksure strutting, look no further than I’m Living, featuring just a hint of a Mr Brownstone-like shuffling guitar lick, the heavy glam stomp of Back To The Drive and punchy closer Bad Decisions.

All of which is fine except that Goodbye Forever and All I Need sound exactly as their titles suggest and contribute to a mid-album dip. Characterless, lightweight slowies do no one any favours when a band sound more convincing rocking out.

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