Device: Device

The stars align for Disturbed frontman’s industrial diversion

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This side-project hatched by Disturbed vocalist David Draiman and ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo convenes an eye-popping roster of guest musicians including Geezer Butler, Serj Tankian and Tom Morello, with aspirations of coaxing a futuristic new sound from its star-studded side.

Astonishingly, David insists that the music is not metal, but ‘futuristic rock’. Behave, David. This is straight-down-the-middle industrial metal, accented by AOR-inspired harmonies and moody synths.

In fact, Disturbed fans can pack light, because even with its techno-industrial rhythms, Device is not a terribly long trip from Draiman’s day job. On opener You Think You Know and on single Villify, the low end kicks off like a depth charge and Draiman’s imperious vocal stylings are as brawny as ever, yet together they fizzle, if not offset each other outright, as the two elements compete for primacy.

The nuclear-voiced Lzzy Hale delivers a haymaker on the Lita Ford/Ozzy cover Close My Eyes Forever, but ultimately, while Disturbed fans will find much to love, those looking for Draiman’s new vision will find themselves on fairly well-trodden ground.