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Demonstealer: This Burden Is Mine

Demonic Resurrection frontman continues to stir the pot

As well as being a trailblazer in Indian rock and presenter of heavy metal’s biggest online cooking show, Headbanger’s Kitchen, Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija has also found time to make a second solo album.

Despite the extreme proggy focus of most of it, the real must-hear parts of This Burden… are when he shows off his killer ear for a vocal melody. What sells it above and beyond the melodies is how much he sounds like he means it; a humanity and honesty that command you to listen flavour the delivery.

Bludgeoning and sweeping riffs making sure any calm has enough storm to surround it out – plus it helps that he’s got Nile’s George Kollias on drums.

Any flaws that arise are from risks that were well worth taking, and there’s so much personality garnishing classy ideas here that you can overlook those moments anyway. Go with this.