Def Leppard: Mirrorball

The kings of arena rock, in pristine live form.

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As children of the 70s, it’s fitting that Def Leppard have taken it upon themselves to resurrect a staple of that era – the double live album.

Recorded at an unspecified venue, its 21 gleaming tracks hardly reflect the less polished aspects of the Leppard live show, but there’s no arguing with the likes of Photograph and Animal, while more recent tracks such as Nine Lives and C’Mon, C’Mon hold their own against the classics.

In a nod to the 21st century, they’ve added three new songs. One, Undefeated, is a glorious us-against-the-world anthem that’s as good as anything they’ve written in the last 30 years; another It’s All About Believing wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Hysteria; the third, Kings Of The World, is a truly ham-fisted tribute to Queen that should have stayed in Joe Elliott’s bedroom. Still, 23 out of 24 isn’t bad going.