Deathhammer: Evil Power

Norse duo thrash from birth, will thrash ’til death

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While many retro-obsessed thrashers play with the intent of convincing listeners that the last 30 years never happened, Deathhammer are taking it to another level.

Sergeant Salsten and Sadomancer not only dismiss the existence of everything post-1985, but are here to let you know they’ve been wearing the same stretch jeans, Bathory goat-head shirts and hi-top trainers since.

Three albums in and we’re still waiting for them to play an original riff, and once Warriors Of Evil wraps up its deliberate tribute to/rip-off of Slayer’s Evil Has No Boundaries, it’s clear that you’re still going to be left waiting. Lots of early Kreator riffing, a shit-ton of high-pitched Destruction-esque yelps and an unsung love of Show No Mercy’s second side comprises Evil Power. It’s a great accompaniment during a night headbanging on the couch, but there’s a sense that Deathhammer fall somewhere between superfans of an era and being over-the-top parody. But that’s only if you’re thinking too hard about it, which no one listening to Evil Power will likely be doing.