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Dead City Souls: Dead City Souls

Colossal-sounding riff-mungous debut.

Just over a year in existence, but boasting the professional delivery of a band with at least five years of hard slogging behind them, Stoke’s Dead City Souls sound mightily impressive on this, their debut mini-LP.

Short intro track Embark has the distinct whiff of a spaghetti western showdown about it, all menace and suspense, before the band tear headlong into Back Against wielding a fistful of iron-hard riffs tempered by the kind of chorus that brings to mind a tougher Shinedown.

It’s a formula that works well, with tracks such as Save Me, Breathe and rousing closer Watch The World Burn boasting a formidable degree of songwriting talent and real hunger. Dead City Souls is a very promising calling card indeed./o:p