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Darkane: The Sinister Supremacy

Swedish metallers have a reunion and a reawakening

The Sinister Supremacy is the sixth album – and first in five years – from this Swedish melodic death/progressive thrash five-piece and it finds them in a ferocious frame of mind. The opus also features the return of singer Lawrence Mackrory, who performed on their debut record Rusted Angel, and the presence of their prodigal son has put a fire back in their bellies.

Calling to mind a mix of Chuck Billy, Chester Bennington and mid-period James Hetfield, the frontman’s vocal gymnastics add excitement to the likes of The Decline and Existence Is Just A State Of Mind, while strings, mandolins and keyboards all broaden the band’s sound, creating a darker, heavier atmosphere.

The title track is a classic in the making thanks to a super-fast melodic riff that will leave no head un-banged, and the creepy but cool piano on the strings-led instrumental Hate Repentance State is an interesting detour on an album that proves well worth the wait.