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Danko Jones: Fire Music

Canadian rockers still pulling no punches on round number seven

For their seventh studio outing, the Canadian power-trio return with another riotous siege of bullshit-free, roof-destroying anthems about brawling, partying and bad, bad women.

Danko Jones continue to serve up the same steady diet of meaty hooks and propulsive rhythms that put early AC/DC on the map. The front half of Fire Music unfolds like a frenzied parking lot punch-up, each track landing one bare-knuckled haymaker after another.

Frontman Danko Jones reprises his role as the adrenalised anti-hero, distilling his clenched-fist pugnacity into waves of paint-peeling riffage and snarling vocal defiance. Whether it’s all-out fisticuffs (Body Bags, Gonna Be A Fight Tonight), the power of drugs (the utterly magnificent Getting Into Drugs) or the ladies who wronged him (Piranha, The Twisting Knife, Wild Woman), Danko sings with the unhinged urgency of a man on borrowed time. The final few tracks dissolve into a blur of generic rock tropes, but the first 25 minutes make it all worthwhile.

Via New Damage