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Danko Jones: Fire Music

Flame on!

Clocking in at a snappy 36 minutes, DJ’s newie displays not a single ounce of fat, not a riff out of place, no guitar solo longer than it needs to be, no fist-banging chorus wasted – this is a rock’n’roll surgical strike, the venom and violence delivered straight between the eyes.

From the moment Wild Woman lights the blue touchpaper, it’s abundantly clear that this is one helluva pissed-off record. Witness The Twisting Knife, the brass-knuckle thrash of Gonna Be A Fight Tonight, the blood-soaked Body Bags – it ain’t pretty, but the anger and attitude on display is addictive.

The only points where the darkness lifts somewhat is on the cheeky Getting Into Drugs and Mango Kid-inflected Do You Wanna Rock, which features some seriously funky cowbell-fuelled grooviness. Otherwise we’re back to the viciously honest I Will Break Your Heart, flesh-tearing Piranha and closing rage-fest that is She Ain’t Coming Home.

This is not happy music, this is pain, betrayal, resentment, regret and incandescent fury. Truly incendiary stuff./o:p