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Dangers album review – The Bend In The Break

Wild and wonderful aggro adventures, West Coast-style, from Dangers and their new album

Dangers album cover

Crashing and clanging in like someone threw your school music department down the stairs, Dangers’ obsession with discordance and unconventional time signatures has been the framework for their decade-long career. But they’re just getting started.

With every element ramped up to deafening volume and fighting it out for dominance, The Bend… is a frantic, antagonistic flurry of distortion and jackhammering instrumentals.

Taking cues from DIY punk favourites Obliterations, garage punk heroes The Hives, and even the lo-fi alt rock of Superheaven in the millennial warcry Loose Cigarettes, Dangers’ third full-length is wrought from frustration and the desire to make music as uncompromising and unchained as possible. Vocalist Justin Smith tells tales of domestic violence on Kiss With Spit, predatory males on It’s The Devil I Love, and unfiltered lust on The Straight World. None of it is apologetic, none of it is radio-friendly or even follows a simple verse-chorus structure, this is just what happens when four pissed-off Californians decide art is more important than fashion.

Luke Morton