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Cut Up - Wherever They May Riot album review

Swedish death metal – it’s in their blood

Cover art for Cut Up - Wherever They May Riot album

These Swedes’ debut, Forensic Nightmares, was a swirling beast that combined the brutality of both their national family tree and their Floridian forefathers. Those innate qualities have now been ramped up, working in conjunction with frustration, a guitar tone fatal to carotid arteries, dizzying dual vocals and a directive to force-feed the entire racket down the listener’s throat. Aside from the slo-mo distortion drag introducing Raped By The Blade, Wherever… pummels relentlessly, with some remarkable chainsaw-through-bone riffing and deftly introduced melodies that will have you whistling them at work while summoning nefarious demons. The overall tone is gristly death metal colliding with a rhythm section well-versed in human-hating grind and a swinging groove, the whole lot contributing to perpetual state of aural punishment.