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Creature With The Atom Brain: The Birds Fly Low

Desert rock with added dark.

This Belgium‐based band have gone from being a one‐man project to having Mark Lanegan collaborate with them for this, their third offering. Their sound is difficult to categorise, best summed up as psych rock but boasting numerous other styles.

The laid‐back trippy grooves of opener Hit The Sky are followed by a variable aural feast for anyone with a penchant for densely layered rock, from the dark, erratic riffs of Wolf Eye and the funky bassline of Sayonara to the frankly bizarre electronics of R-Frequency.

CWTAB possess psychedelic catchy riffs akin to the likes of The Dandy Warhols. They occasionally sound like a darker, more eerie Stone Roses, and even bear some of the dusty, desert‐rock style of Queens Of The Stone Age. CWTAM’s hypnotising groove will definitely appeal to fans of any of the aforementioned bands, and will likely rouse the attention of rock fans in general.