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Coney Hatch: Friction

Doomed third album from great 80s soft rockers.

In 1985, Canadian rock act Coney Hatch knew the game was up. Their record company, Mercury, gave it to them straight: the label’s priority was Bon Jovi, and Coney Hatch wouldn’t be getting any backing. As a result, their third album, Friction, was dead on arrival.

Three years earlier, their debut album had promised so much; its crunching hard rock and radio-friendly hooks winning rave reviews. Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris was a fan. But when that album and its follow-up, Outa Hand, failed to match expectations, the band went for a slicker sound on Friction.

This was evident on three outstanding songs: She’s Gone, Fantasy and Girl From Last Night’s Dream. But in keeping with the grittier approach of the first album, there was much heavy riffing in This Ain’t Love and He’s A Champion. But with the record company focused on Bon Jovi, this fine record never stood a chance.

It would be 28 years before the reunited Coney Hatch made another album, Four. It rocked. These guys always did.