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Comeback Kid: Die Knowing

Hardcore punk Canadians amp up the aggro

One of Comeback Kid’s biggest strengths has always been their songwriting. Even in the days of their original vocalist over four albums ago, the Canadians’ songs owned when it came to drawing fans into the nearest pit.

A cohesive marriage of the driven, irate and melodic, Die Knowing shows CK staying true to their sound but progressing into more dynamic turf and cranking the brutality up a few notches.

The title track is immediately convincing with minimalist guitarwork, killer yells and emphatic gang shouts, but it’s only a taste of how good this gets. Sink In is born to be screamed along to, Should Know Better gives bassist Matthew Keil his moment of old-school hardcore glory, and Full Swing sees Scott Wade return on guest vocals. There is not a filler to be seen and, recorded with Shai Hulud’s Kyle Black, the sound is as worthy as the songwriting.

Comeback Kid play it like they mean it and the raw angry passion and positive party energy they unleash is impossible to resist.