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Collateral by Collateral: fizzing, but also flat and frustrating

So close to being a powerhouse debut from NWOCR hopefuls Collateral

Collateral: Collateral
(Image: © Roulette Media)

This is an album that frustrates. Because Collateral should have come up with something that thunders, roars and makes you wanna dance, but the production lets them down. 

This Brit band have everything to make an impact. Their songs are melodic, seizing the ground between Thin Lizzy, Gun and Nazareth. The instrumental dexterity is effortless and full of character. And Angelo Tristan’s vocals are charismatic and sparkling. 

All the ingredients are there for an album to have us raving, but the sound is flat, lacking the requisite dynamic.

So what might have been a classic first album ends up being just good. 

However, blast out songs like Midnight Queen, Mr Bigshot and Lullaby, and you can feel the fizzing excitement in a band who many are tipping for great things. 

Someone please remix this album to give it the zip that Collateral deserve