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Coheed And Cambria: The Color Before The Sun

Emo’s nerdiest drop the concept for album eight.

It’s really no insult to call Coheed And Cambria the dorkiest band in recent memory. With their seven previous albums inexorably linked to The Armoury Wars sci-fi saga, the concept was king and they wore their Dungeons & Dragons kinship with pride.

The Color Before The Sun is a whole different kettle of goblins, and sees frontman Claudio Sanchez write from his own heart rather than those of his imaginary characters, and after initial queasiness at a moment of amorousness in Eraser (‘I’m just a toy waiting for you to play me’), it quickly becomes business as usual in terms of their shamelessly enormous pop-rock music.

Here To Mars, for example, may be a declaration of undying love, but it’s still married up to a Will-Smith-punching-a-Martian, Bruce-Willis-humping-an-asteroid anthem of loveably preposterous proportions.

The fact that they follow it up with Ghost, a pretty, acoustic moment of reflection, suggests they’ve got this whole thing under control after all. Subtlety be damned: if you’re gonna go, you may as well go boldly.