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Chantel McGregor: Lose Control

Multi-faceted, guitar-driven rock, anchored by an elemental stamp.

Despite the album title and calligraphed proto-metal concepts on the sleeve, Chantel McGregor is very much in control here, skilfully fusing retro and contemporary rock elements to her own end.

She combines technical mastery with filmic imagery, in a musical vision perfectly framed by Livingstone Brown’s production.

He amplifies the expansive and nails the intimate, exemplified by the meeting of perfect diction and acoustic guitar on Anaesthetize and the reflective feel of Home. On Your Fever, McGregor recycles AC/DC and Sabbath riffs with a Blue Öyster Cult melodic guitar line, before a proggy finish. There’s a nod to Royal Blood on the grungy chorus of Burn Your Anger and she nuances Samantha Fish on Southern Belle.

The vocally strong Eternal Dream is an exercise in space and time, while Walk On Land is an inspired climactic resolution to a convincing album.