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Caligula’s Horse - In Contact album review

Prog-metal blizzard from Oz

Cover art for Caligula’s Horse - In Contact album

Australian progressive metal band Caligula’s Horse enjoy a gallop. Dream The Dead thunders in at a rapid pace, demolishing all in its path. Yet when this concept album “in four chapters” remembers to breathe, the Brisbane bruisers reveal other strings to their bow. Melody, mid-tempo rhythms and even a rather lovely choral section sneak in, suggesting the band could appeal beyond their fan base if they were a little braver.

Their fourth album is unafraid to explore themes of art and creativity. In calmer moments there are subtleties which recall Opeth or Anathema, notably within the 15-minute eclectic epic that is Graves. More often, they’re raging around like a psychotic Emperor. Rein it in and new empires will rise.