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Buckcherry: Confessions

Lewd and rude cock-rockers deliver... a concept album.

Progressive rock bands and pretentious heavy metal bands do concept albums, but not rock‘n’roll bands. And especially not bands as rock’n’roll as Buckcherry. Hence Buckcherry describe this sixth album euphemistically as “a thematic record”.

But a concept album it surely is – one based on the seven deadly sins. And mostly it works. Conceptually it’s not a stretch for a band who made their name with cokehead anthem Lit Up and stripper’s favourite Crazy Bitch, and musically it’s business as usual, Buckcherry keeping it simple on kick-ass hard rock songs such as Gluttony, Wrath, Lust and… you get the picture.

There is, however, some cause for alarm. Accompanying the album is a short film scripted by singer Josh Todd. These rock stars never learn.