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Brutality Will Prevail: Suspension Of Consciousness

Welsh bruisers throw their weight and expand their horizons

Opting for a mace and serrated blade as opposed to the precision of most hardcore influenced-metallers, Brutality Will Prevail ably live up to their moniker.

Big, ugly riffs and breakdowns dominate opener Tower Of Silence and propulsive two-minute rager Martyr-Anxiety while the sludgy call-to-arms of Abandon is catchy and fierce.

The quintet show there’s more to them than belligerent heaviness, though. All over the place are snippets of clean vocals, dexterous musical interludes and clever rhythmic nuances. Most leftfield is Burden Of Love’s bluesy refrain that owes more to Baroness than Throwdown, and Louis Gauthier’s sung vocals, which fit comfortably with the suffocating mood of Suspension...

Even the closing title track, which bulldozers everything in its path before heading into breakneck thrash territory, isn’t afraid to throw in a bit of melody and descends into an unhinged clanger of textures and freestyle rhythms. Yes, BWP do exactly what they say on the tin, but there’s also far more to them than meets the eye.