Broken Teeth HC: At Peace Amongst Chaos

Mancunian bruisers join the hardcore street wars

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Sometimes bands who do little more than pay lip-service to their favourite musical style can feel like a bit of an irrelevance, which is why it feels even more special when you do hear an album that can match the labour of love it’s aping.

Broken Teeth HC love hardcore. One listen to this, their debut album, will have leave you in no doubt that they live it, they breathe it and can match the genre’s finest swing for swing. There’s enough of the thuggish grit and strutting power of early, street-level hardcore here to make you believe that At Peace… was released in 1989.

Stomp To Dust rides along on a bludgeoning riff and bellowing gang vocal and Show No Mercy melds some old-school thrash riffing to old-school NYHC beatdown with results that are beautifully… well, old school.

Broken Teeth might not offer anything new, but had you really grown bored with nasty, dirty, ugly, uncompromising music? If that still floats your boat, so will this album.