Boysetsfire: While A Nation Sleeps...

Delaware post-hardcore pioneers return with all guns blazing

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It’s seven years since we last heard from Boysetsfire, but clearly they’ve been keeping the flames of their righteous anger well stoked.

Bouncing from the minor key horror of Until Nothing Remains to the apocalyptic hardcore riff-storm and relentless march of battlefield percussion in Everything Went Black, to Never Said – a passionate plea to join the fight against injustice and as close as they’ll ever get to a stadium ballad – Nathan Gray’s rallying scream and soulful croon is always at the forefront, dragging us headlong into revolution.

And just in case their target wasn’t obvious from the music, in a killer move they’ve peppered the album with snippets of Charlie Chaplin’s astonishing speech from his 1940 film The Great Dictator, a plea for peace, unity and the ‘fight to free the world’ that still carries as much weight today. This is rabble-rousing brilliance from a band that sound utterly rejuvenated 20 years into their career.