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Bonafide: Denim Devils

Swedish quartet’s fifth album is a mixed bag.

For a band with such dedication to heads-down biker rock, 2013’s Bombo – billed as a ‘Pulp Fiction-style tale of rock’n’roll debauchery over 10 chapters’ – seemed almost verging on concept album territory. There’s no such thread running through follow-up Denim Devils, though.

In fact there’s a distinctly dumbed-up feel to it, from the prison-tattoo level of the artwork (featuring a cartoon of a woman with gun and chain looming over some sort of semi-naked female slave) to anthems such as Living The Rock’n’roll Lifestyle (‘Every night and part of every day’, apparently).

Unfortunately, in that particular case they neglect to write a song to go with it, and resort to just shouting the chorus.

Thankfully other tracks, most notably Hold Down The Fort’s high-octane boogie and Get A Grip’s lurching riffola, do the band more justice./o:p