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Bob Wayne: Till The Wheels Fall Off

Good old boy gets badass.

If Bob Wayne has a fraction as much fun as it sounds like he’s having here, few of us would even try to compete.

A riot of frantic bluegrass, dark country wit, rockabilly cool and punk attitude, Till The Wheels Fall Off is the wildest of rides.

Bouncing maniacally from the tongue-in-cheek There Ain’t No Diesel Trucks In Heaven to the rollicking, self-explanatory raised middle finger of Fuck The Law, murders, drugs, bigamy, booze, lashings of casual sex and the draw of the wide open road zing past in a blur of banjos and fiddles.

At once playful and thoughtful, Wayne bombards the listener with 13 fully formed short stories that spring into life and drag you into their world, whether he’s singing from his own perspective or, in the case of Lyza and A Pistol And A 100 Dollar Bill, romantically rendered outlaws.

Class may have been left at the door, but there’s plenty of heart to be found.