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Bleeker - Erase You album review

Canadian trio aim for the Stooges, end up with Jet

Cover art for Bleeker - Erase You album

Coming straight out of Ontario like a tornado working its way through a cornfield maze, the ever-so-pretty Bleeker promise much. There are moments during the title track where singer Taylor Perkins sounds like a young Chris Cornell lambasting the world on Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love album. Equally good is the sublime pop of I’m Not Laughing Now or the compressed funk and falsetto vocals driving along the groove of Where’s Your Money. Sadly, it’s less impressive when they completely lift Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away for the intro to Still Got Love; become regressive and empty on the all-strutting, all-posturing, all-seen-it-before Highway and Free, which sound like they were both written with a car advert in mind; or the limp, piano-led Close My Eyes. They’re nearly there, but must try harder next time.