Black Tongue: Born Hanged/Falsifier [Redux]

Hull bruisers fail to lift their knuckles off the ground

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When you see nonsense descriptions like ‘doomcore’ and ‘downtempo’ thrown around, start getting concerned.

Nothing, however, can quite prepare you for the one-dimensional, lunk-headed slugfest excreted by Hull-based beatdown obsessives Black Tongue. A compilation of their previously released debut EP and LP, you could fit a list of things that are more tedious and painful than the quartet’s endless beatdowns and amateurishly growled vocals – not to mention the laughably violent lyrics – on the back of a small stamp. Lobotomising yourself with a rusty spoon while stuck in endless bank holiday traffic, for example, is infinitely preferable to even the mere four minutes of Ire Upon The Earth or any of its totally interchangeable companions. Elsewhere, the quintet seem hellbent on interrupting their generic deathcore riffs with what sounds like a dial-up internet connection, while the closing remix of Wasted is perhaps one of the most laughable attempts at a dubstep/metal crossover you’re ever likely to hear. If you manage to make it that far, that is.

Via Century Media