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Black Space Riders - Amoretum Vol. 1 album review

German space rockers branch out from their base station

Cover art for Black Space Riders - Amoretum Vol. 1 album

A boisterous blend of psychedelia, post-punk and big ol’ riffs, Black Space Riders’ fifth full-length sails into familiar sonic realms. Opener Lovely Lovelie is fattened with Monster Magnet chunkiness as gravelly, Neil Fallon-esque barks slam against fleeting death growls. It’s a punch to the sternum, followed by an invitation to dance alongside Another Sort Of Homecoming’s arse-shaking rhythm. Laden with croon-along melodies and subtle keys, stepping back from the full-on electronics that marked their Beyond Refugeeum EP, the Riders’ latest offering is a spaced-out vessel of sonic excellence. Vocally, their Bowie and Tom Waits-isms really shine on Movements and Soul Shelter (Inside Of Me). They can’t just be written off as a gaggle of German stoners getting too adventurous either, because these songs are superbly crafted, the likes of Fire! Fire! (Death Of A Giant) outshining any Black Pyramid singalong. It’s, like, a journey, maaan.