Black Mountain Prophet: Notorious Sinner

Blues-rooted, hard rock debut from ye ol' Tennessee.

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Brimming with bouncy, nostalgic lustre, Black Mountain Prophet couldn't be more 'old-before-their-time' if they had a Free-channelling track called Poor Ole Broken Heart and a faded picture of an old Native American on the back on their album sleeve.

Oh no, wait… Still, a heavy rock ‘n’ roll heart, sophisticated blues-rock guitar and a superb, soulful singer in Jarrod England guarantee Notorious Sinner a comfortable level of class.

Song craft, mainly on slower, drifty numbers like Love My Woman, isn’t fully matured yet; but when BMT hit sweet spots, they’re very sweet. Echoes of ZZ Top, Allman Brothers, Free and others feed into hearty yet cool riffs and vocal stylings. And Too Much Of A Good Thing might be the dumbest singalong we’ve engaged in lately, but it is a joyous track. Lovely.