Betzefer: The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land

Israel’s premier metal band get their groove on

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Positioned halfway down the third stage at Download or Sonisphere, Betzefer would offer a decent soundtrack to beer-chugging and bro-downs with their Pantera tribute act stomp, but the fact that the Israeli quartet’s third album in their 15-year history is emerging on a third different label speaks to their inability to truly connect with a fanbase beyond their native land.

Packaged with a DVD featuring an enthusiastically received live set from Tel Aviv, The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land is a sincere, solid collection that’s hard to dislike, but equally hard to love.

The forceful I Hate – which borrows the Max Cavalera Random Lyric Generator for lines such as ‘I hate the police, I hate the state, I hate all countries, and all this shit’ – and the thumping Sledgehammer have a certain lunkheaded charm, but this meat’n’potatoes bar band grooving won’t change any lives, least of all those of the men who created it.