Bernie Tormé: Flowers & Dirt

Blues with a punk edge.

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It’s easily forgotten it was Bernie Tormé to whom Ozzy originally turned to fill the gap when Randy Rhoads died. He was also a member of Gillan in their halcyon days. But in recent years? He’s almost been forgotten.

This album, though, starts to redress the balance. It’s full of elegantly crafted music based around the man’s electrifying blues playing, with a kick. There are some real winners, the sort that show the Irishman nodding to Rory Gallagher, Climax Blues Band and even ZZ Top.

Maybe the album is overlong, but Mr Fixit, Your Voodoo and No Lip (Tsunami Blues) spark from the eternal flame of blues greatness, and the entire album is an unfussy burst of joy./o:p