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Bernie Marsden: Shine

Former Whitesnake guitarist plays heavy blues with friends.

Bernie Marsden hasn’t done too badly out of Whitesnake. Although David Coverdale kicked him out of the band in 1982, the blow was softened five years later when – ker-ching! – the revamped ’Snake had a US No.1 with a remake of Marsden’s song Here I Go Again.

And after the two men reconciled in 2010, Marsden’s new album has them making music together again, reworking Whitesnake’s 1978 classic Trouble. Bernie also duets with Joe Bonamassa on this album’s title track, which sounds like Deep Purple jamming with the Doobie Brothers.

Marsden, like Bonamassa and Rory Gallagher before him, has a style rooted in blues rock but not limited to it. This master craftsman is simply doing what comes naturally. What Shine has, above all else, is a sense of purity.