Begerith - A.D.A.M. album review

Relocated Russians conjure a black/ death behemoth of their own

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Playing a precise hybrid of black and death metal will inevitably invite comparisons to Behemoth in this post-The Satanist age, but these Poland-based Russians have already been met with favourable praise on the basis of their 2013 debut album, My Way To The Star… and this follow-up effort is likely to achieve the same. Though not quite achieving Nergal and his crew’s all-encompassing enthralment, the twisted monstrosity of the album still fires the soul with a visceral ceremony. A.D.A.M. IV and A.D.A.M. V are eerily reminiscent of the summoning of Evangelion, while the baleful A.D.A.M. X draws the story of occultic themes to an end in dramatic fashion. However, Begerith also find their own lane thanks to the unsettling claustrophobia of A.D.A.M. VIII and the raw tremolo melodies and Satanic conjuring of A.D.A.M. VI maintains modern dynamics while recalling black metal’s freezing roots.