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Battleaxe: Heavy Metal Sanctuary

There's nothing new in (balls-out) rock'n'roll.

Back in the days of the NWOBHM, this review would have begun with a 'WAAARGH...' or suchlike.

Battleaxe have their origins in that simpler time, and this third album, long in the making (against almost impossible odds,” the band claim, somewhat hyperbolically) reflects that.

Heavy Metal Sanctuary is a traditional heavy metal record that wears its influences openly: the introductory brace of the title track and Shock And Awe could be out-takes from Manowar’s Battle Hymns; Give It More is Judas Priest circa Another Thing Comin’; the opening to Kingdom Come is, alas, not a Lenny Wolf tribute but instead drawn from the Iron Maiden school. Battleaxe don’t quite have the Iparkof their illustrious inspirations, but they can do balls-out metal rather well, the leather lungs of Dave King and Mick Percy’ s inventive guitar Psutting one well in the mood for me pillaging before dark.