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Barb Wire Dolls - Rub My Mind album review

Lemmy-approved rockers return with fourth album

Cover art for Barb Wire Dolls - Rub My Mind

Lemmy discovered Barb Wire Dolls when they were playing at LA’s Whisky A Go Go, and promptly signed them to Motörhead’s own label. And while Rub My Mind never quite makes its mark, you can understand why the much missed old rogue loved them – theirs is no-nonsense melodic rock like mama used to make.

Frontwoman Isis Queen has bags of attitude and smoky vocals to match, stretching from a sultry croon on Fire To Burn to grungy grit on Call Me. It’s raw enough to retain a punk edge, and while the songs themselves are only as memorable as their run time, and have a tendency to meander aimlessly until they peter out, the frontwoman’s charisma just about keeps them afloat.