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Baptists: Bloodmines

Crusty Canadians prove a few hooks shy of a punishment chamber

As the old adage goes: If it ain’t broke, play faster. It’s a theory Baptists have gone out to prove with gusto on Bloodmines, their bludgeoning sophomore album.

While our ears are still reeling from the crusty gutpunch debut Bushcraft inflicted, the Canadian four-piece’s latest effort is the aural equivalent of the big boys from up the road kicking your teeth in. It’s an adrenaline-charged sub-30-minute display of four men pummelling their instruments into dust. From the gnarled punk of Wanting to the flailing chaos of Harm Induction, it’s the sound of a band who spent all day bombing mandy before hitting the studio. The drumming alone goes harder than a turbo-charged jackhammer with Nick Yacyshyn going through more snare skins than Chimaira went through bandmembers. That said, the crusty kin of Nails and Obliterations are edging it for the top spot. Baptists lack the mighty hooks and diversity to fully drag you into their darkened basement of DIY punishment; instead you’re left worn out but slightly underwhelmed – like a misjudged one-night stand with your mate’s sister.

Via Southern Lord

Luke Morton