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Bad Touch: Half Way Home

Youngsters make like their rock’n’roll heroes.

When a debut sparks into life on a slide blues riff reminiscent of Zep’s In My Time Of Dying, the band must be doing something right, especially when the track in question – Wise Water – suddenly heads off into upbeat Skynyrd territory.

Bad Touch sure do like to wear their influences on their tatty denim sleeves – AC/DC, Black Crowes and Free to name but three – but when the results are this vital and rousing, really, who cares?

All you need are a wall of Marshalls and excellent tunes in the shape of the epic blues harp-toting Preacher, rip-snorting Motherload and cheeky Good On Me (Jeans Song), all played like the band’s lives depended on it. Straight-to-the-point classic hard rock – what’s not to like?/o:p