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Babymetal - Live At Wembley album review

Fox God emissaries revisit their UK triumph

Cover art for Babymetal Live At Wembley

‘Now is the time for Metal Resistance, with Babymetal, metal, metal, metal, metal…’ And so the dramatic, Star Wars-style voiceover intro finishes, and the pounding drums of BABYMETAL DEATH break through, and the crowd begins to scream. Live At Wembley is a faithful recording of their biggest UK show last April, and a historical document – they became the first Japanese act to conquer the venue. But more than that, it’s an uplifting burst of energy that’s most welcome in these bleak midwinter times. The life in these songs is undeniable, bubbling over in the bubblegum lyrics of Awadama Fever, the lift-off chorus of KARATE, and the fist-pumping refrain of Megitsune. They’ve been written to slay arenas, and sound absolutely massive when unleashed in their natural environment, the Kami Band’s metal riffs and solos weaving expertly around the girls’ bright voices. The only criticisms are that the gaps of silence between songs sound jarring, and the set’s been cut down from 17 songs to 13. The omissions are all from their first, self-titled record, making it clear that Babymetal are focused on moving ever forward into their Fox-God-ordained future. But these are minor quibbles. Babymetal are a true phenomenon, and Wembley is only the beginning…

Eleanor Goodman

Metal Hammer deputy editor El commissions the features section of the magazine and curates covermount CDs, as well as co-hosting the Metal Hammer podcast. Irrationally obsessed with sea creatures.