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Austin Gold - Before Dark Clouds album review

UK rockers already grown on their debut

Cover art for Austin Gold - Before Dark Clouds album

There’s something unnerving about the way these Peterborough blues rockers seem to spring fully formed from this first album. The band are based firmly along the Free/Bad Company axis, but there’s an unexpected poise and maturity on the opening tight and impressive Brand New Love, and also on the title track where they allow the song to build its own momentum.

The lyrics are personal and sometimes downbeat, and if singer David James Smith’s style is still a work in progress it won’t take long to develop. Guitarist James Cable has already carved out a niche for himself with his prog-styled flavourings. They’re not afraid to tackle a broad range of songs – too broad, maybe. They’re most confidenton the rockers, but they need to pay more attention to their ballads, some of which are a bit plain, but at least they don’t resort to fake emotion.