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Aurora: Faith/Breaker

Former goth rockers get all kinds of metal on

Aurora began life as a Within Temptation-esque goth rock group in 2012, but, upon losing vocalist Jessica Calvesbert earlier this year, did a full 180 into the realm of all-out metal.

Comparing Faith/Breaker to their old material, it’s clear they put out credible tunes across both genres, which is no small feat for a band that’s only existed for three years. New vocalist Rhys Whitehouse provides a raw growl under which riffs battle as opening track Perseverance bounces between metalcore-tinged melodies and piercing, NWOBHM-inspired guitar lines.

The title track nods to B4MV with a speedy chug during verses that gives way to melodic choruses, while Rain Dance borrows its opening riff heavily from Parkway Drive’s Wild Eyes.

Faith/Breaker feels like an experiment in genre-hopping that culminates with the almost Brand New-esque bonus track Tennessee Whiskey. Rhys’s vocal isn’t always strong, and while Aurora are able musicians, it’s clear they’ve yet to find their niche.