Ass To Mouth: Degenerate

Unhygienic if generic grindcore from Polish jokers

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Kicking off with a sample from Leaving Las Vegas, a movie that chronicles a time in Nicolas Cage’s career where he was a respected actor and not a bearsuit-wearing YouTube sensation, Ass To Mouth’s Degenerate is a spirited, if ultimately hellishly generic bit of grindcore.

It doesn’t outstay its welcome, its 20 tracks blazing by in half an hour, but anyone with even the slightest affinity with grindcore has heard this all before and done better too, whether it’s through the kaleidoscopic gonzo violence of Agoraphobic Nosebleed or the everything’s-a-joke approach of any one of Seth Putnam’s numerous projects (although the song about Facebook, You Have 0 Friends on Degenerate is a title almost worthy of the great man himself).

Despite this, there’s some bracing d-beat stuff here, and the fun they’re clearly having with songtitles like One Mackerel Drama is palpable, so it’s hard to dislike. Fresh ideas aren’t forthcoming here but blastbeats and politically incorrect ravings are, so perhaps Ass To Mouth is worth a try.