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Appice - Sinister album review

Return of the beat brothers

Cover art for Appice - Sinister album

Having finally pitted their percussive wits against each other on the Drum Wars live album three years ago – rock’n’roll’s answer to a WWE clash – brothers Carmine and Vinny Appice opt for a more harmonious drumming assault on their first studio album together. Their playing styles are similar, although Vinny plays harder and Carmine swings more, and for identification it’s helpful that they are split between left and right speakers.

The supporting cast of five singers, six guitarists and four bassists could have undermined the album’s consistency, but the pair’s forceful playing keeps Sinister on the straight and narrow. Pick of the bunch is the Ronnie Dio tribute Monsters And Heroes with vocalist Paul Shortino (Rough Cut, Quiet Riot).