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Andrew Matheson: Sick On You

Rock’n’roll at its disastrous best.

Whatever the likes of Rocky would have you believe, no one loves a winner. It’s the tales of grand ambitions gone massively, hilariously to shit that have us rooting for the poor sucker telling them.

Andrew Matheson formed proto-punks The Hollywood Brats in London in 1971, armed with a rock’n’roll manifesto The Clash must’ve been eyeing up, an eye-popping wardrobe, unlimited youthful arrogance and a genuinely exciting vision.

What follows is a whirlwind of terrible decisions, squalor, violent crowds, an indifferent music industry, itchy nether infections and plenty of bickering. And it’s brilliant.

It helps that Matheson is a first-class storyteller, bringing the rock scene of the day gruesomely to life and gleefully recounting his own callow youth with a mixture of disdain and admiration. Someone needs to make a film of this immediately./o:p