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All Them Witches - Sleeping Through The War album review

Hazy cosmic future-blues from the anti-Black Sabbath

All Them Witches Sleeping Through The War album art

Stoner rock is crying out for an overhaul. Thankfuly, All Them Witches are taking it apart and piecing it back together again. Not for them the slavish Iommi worship of your average bong-huffing longhairs. The Nashville band’s fourth album parties like it’s 1969 and 2019, looking forward to the future as much as it does backwards over a well-trodden past.

The languid bliss of opening track Bulls is propelled by intermittent rocket thrusts of sludgy noise, while the likes of 3-4-5-7 and the harmonica-assisted digital blues of Guess I’ll Go Live On The Internet lope and slide rather than grunt and bluster. Sleeping Through The War apparently has some kind of political undercurrent, but its (thankfully) obfuscated by Charlie Michael Parks Jr’s unhurried drawl and the layers of fuzzy atmospherics that, hopefully, point to the shape of stoner rock to come.